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Picture of the day for June 7, 2020

Protesters in Brooklyn Flood the Streets

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Vote for Trump? These Republican Leaders Aren’t on the Bandwagon.

Quotation of the Day: At President’s Doorstep, a Mayor Fights for Control Over Her City

Corrections: June 6, 2020

Cyclist Charged With Assaulting Teenagers Who Posted Fliers Against Police Brutality

New York Protesters Sing Happy Birthday

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‘Get Your Knee Off Our Necks’

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The Athletic Lays Off 8 Percent of Staff

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Donald Trump Is Our National Catastrophe

Oklahoma State Punished by N.C.A.A. for Role in Basketball Recruiting Scandal

Picture of the day for June 6, 2020

Cities Ask if It’s Time to Defund Police and ‘Reimagine’ Public Safety

Temecula Mayor Resigns Amid Uproar Over Email About Police Killings

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Harry Hoffman Dies at 92; Led the Expansion of Waldenbooks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Takes a Knee

Frustration and Fury as Rand Paul Holds Up Anti-Lynching Bill in Senate

Urging Iran to ‘Make the Big Deal,’ Trump Ties Nuclear Negotiations to Election

Death and Texas

What Students Are Saying About the George Floyd Protests

With no curfew, Oakland protesters begin another night of peaceful demonstrations.

Unidentified Federal Police Prompt Fears Amid Protests in Washington

Few police and a relaxed atmosphere at a Brooklyn vigil.

Dr. Tom Frieden: Don’t Blame the C.D.C.

How to Do Reparations Right

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New York Must Protect Protesters

Scenes from George Floyd’s memorial in Minneapolis today.

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